Outrage over Panama Papers, EU-Turkey migrant deal

25 min
Aftermath of Mossack Fonseca leak, human rights and the EU deal with Turkey on migrants and refugees, why collective bargaining is different this year, and the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test.

In this edition of Radio Sweden, we look at a few of the top stories in Sweden this week. We talk to Sharon Rider, a philosophy professor at Uppsala University, about why people are so outraged by the Panama Papers, even though it's still unclear whether laws have actually been broken.

We also ask the UNHCR whether it's realistic for the Swedish government to hope that human rights will be respected as migrants and refugees are deported to Turkey due to a new EU deal. 

Reporter Loukas Christodoulou explains why this year's round of collective bargaining negotations, which set terms for pay and working conditions, is so unusual.

And we look ahead to a big event this weekend, one involving thousands of pencils and multiple choice questions. The Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (Högskoleprovet) takes place Saturday, and we talk to one of the nearly 88,000 people who have registered, Sam Faraji Bidi, about his hopes that it will help him get into college.

Producer / presenter: Brett Ascarelli.