Eurovision and Swedish music exports

30 min

The attraction of Swedish songwriters. The strength of Swedish music exports. The possible origin of the Swedish music "phenomenon".

The Eurovision Song Contest this year is a very Swedish affair. Not just because it will be held in Stockholm, as a result of last year's win, but also because a quarter of the songs - eleven out of 42 - have been fully,or partly written by Swedes. In today's programme we meet Sara Biglert and Christian Schneider, who have written this year's Czech entry, and learn a thing or two about how to pen a song for Eurovision.

We also visit a music school for kids - Popskolan in Åkersberga - an example of the publicly funded institution that the world-famous Max Martin once hailed as the secret behind Sweden's music success. The head of the lobby organisation Swedish Music Exports, Jesper Thorsson tells us why he thinks Swedish artists and songwriters are doing so well abroad.

With 18-year-old Isa on her way to stardom, her manager and dad Mattias Tengblad shares his thoughts on what the Swedish selection for Eurovision can mean for a young artist. And Swedish Radio's powerful music editor Karin Gunnarsson explains the relation between Eurovision and the rest of the Swedish music scene.

Presenter and producer: Ulla Engberg

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