Scandals, miracles and a long awaited Gothenburg concert

26 min

Lavish spending in the Swedish Church. Trade union hoping for a fresh start. Hate speech sites and mainstream media. Sweden's second saint. Plus: why people have been queuing all week in Gothenburg.

How the Swedish Church was found to use millions of parish money for leisure trips abroad, with premier league football, sightseeing and alcohol.

Members of Sweden's biggest trade union take stock of the effects of the scandal in their organisation.

They call themselves "alternative media", others call them "hate speech sites" for their inflammatory anti-immigration standpoint. Now a new study for the Institute for Media divides them into three groups. There're the ones who preach to the already converted, and confirm their world view. There're the ones that want to influence mainstream media, which they feel do not tell the whole truth. And then a third group, who see it more as a business opportunity.

At the Vatican on Sunday, Sweden's second saint, Elisabeth Hesselblad, will be canonised. We find out how the Catholic Church goes about actually prioving that someone is behind a miracle.

And then we find out what all the buzz is about in Gothenburg this weekend, where people have been queuing all week to try to get space close to the stage in Ullevi Stadion.

Producer/presenter: Ulla Engberg

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