Brits becoming Swedes, Brexit and business, Bergman on Fårö

25 min

Brits apply for citizenship in record numbers. Experts tell us how a Brexit vote may affect Swedish politics and economy. And Bergman Week kicks off on Fårö.

The Migration Agency told us that the average waiting time for Britons who want to apply for Swedish citizenship was over a year. But one of our followers says he became a Swede in just a few days.

And we hear from two British nationals who live in Sweden about their takes on the referendum (just before the England-Iceland match at a pub in central Stockholm). 

Political science researcher Nicholas Aylott explains how the Brexit vote might affect Swedish politics going forward. And economist Anna Brehmen explains how the Swedish economy stands to be affected.

An author working on a book about Ingmar Bergman says even if you don't like his films you might be impressed by his ability to direct and manage several romantic affairs simulatneously.

And Aleksander Gabelic, president of the UN Association of Sweden, speculates on what direction Sweden might take on recognizing Western Sahara now that it's won the election for a UN Security Council seat.

Producer: Vincent Cavalier

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