"Super Sarah" in Rio, watchdog under fire, adult swim classes

23 min
Hear about Olympic swimmer "Super Sarah" Sjöström, the under-fire Auditors, and a recent call to detain asylum seekers. We also visit a swimming class for adults in a Swedish lake.

Sarah Sjöström, the Swedish swimmer who beat her own world record this week as she won a gold medal in the Rio Olympics, is now known to the Swedish public as "Super Sarah." Could she become Sweden's next Zlatan?

One of the biggest news stories in the past week was a parliament hearing with the three Auditor-Generals, who have come under fire recently for irregularities revealed by the newspaper Dagens Nyheter. And another hot topic this week was a call by two Sweden Democrat politicians to detain asylum seekers while they wait for a decision from the Migration Agency. 

We visited a swimming class for adults at a lake near Stockholm, to find out how newcomers are taking to the water. 

Producer/presenter: Karin Nilsson