Margot Wallström on North Korea, Swedish Elvis fans, and the Afghan with the Amnesty tattoo (plus Newcomer Diaries)

24 min

This is the week Swedes, and their politicians, get back to work. We tell you what to expect from the ongoing IT scandal.

For a quarter of a century, Sweden was the only Western country with an embassy in North Korea. Foreign Minister Margot Wallström explains how it could use this expertise to lower the risk of a nuclear strike.  

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven this week dismissed the no-confidence motion in Defence Minister Petter Hultqvist as a misuse of parliament's powers. Ewa Stenberg from the Dagens Nyheter newspaper says he can't just wish the IT scandal away. 

We meet Ahmad Rahimi, the Afghan asylum seeker so desperate not to be deported that he has had the slogan "Amnesty Now" tattooed on his forearm. 

And in Newcomer Diaries, Randy is preparing to leave Malaysia for his new life in Sweden. 

Producer/presenter: Richard Orange

Newcomer Dairies jingle: by Artofescapism (Remixed by: Spenser Bomholt Fain)

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