The week in politics, a controversial flagpole, student nations, and 50 years since Sweden switched to right-hand side driving

25 min

This week has been a busy one in Swedish politics – the prime minister’s closest aide resigned in the wake of the Transport Agency IT scandal and the Moderates are looking for a new party leader.

A controversial bent flagpole art installation has received mix reactions. A man displeased with the display attempted to saw it down on Thursday.

It is back-to-school time as Swedish universities held their first classes for the term this week. A central part of student life at two of Sweden’s oldest universities is student nations or "nationer" in Swedish, but what are they and can international students join?

September 3rd will mark 50 years since Sweden started driving on right-hand side of the road. Radio Sweden finds out what that day was like, talking to people who were on the roads back then.

Producer and presenter: Spenser Bomholt Fain

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