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Aurora 17, neo-Nazis mobilise in Gothenburg, and the death of a Swedish icon
Tor 14 sep 2017 kl 16:30
This week, Sweden launched its biggest military drill in two decades and, across the Baltic Sea, Russia is also carrying out a major military exercise. What are the implications of this?

Parliament re-opened on Tuesday after the summer recess and the government is off to a rocky start as the Sweden Democrats called for a no-confidence vote against the prime minister over his handling of the IT scandal at the Swedish Transport Agency.

Aurora 17 kicked off on Monday. It is a military drill that involves a mock attack on Sweden and it is taking place in and around Sweden's two biggest cities and on the strategically important Baltic island of Gotland. What exactly are the Swedish Armed Forces gearing up for?

Meanwhile, Sweden's Official Council of Jewish Communities has appealed the Gothenburg police's decision to allow the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement to march near the local synagogue on September 30th, which is also the high Jewish high holiday of Yom Kippur. We have spoken to a Jewish community representative and to the police.

Sweden has also lost one of its biggest cultural icons as Hans "Hasse" Alfredsson has passed away at the age of 86.

And, while Sweden's general election is almost exactly a year away, members of the Swedish Church go to the polls this Sunday in the church elections that take place every four years. We hear from a Social Democrat and a Sweden Democrat about what is at stake.

Producer and presenter: Nathalie Rothschild

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