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28 min
Scandal surgeon avoids prosecution, a Nobel 'Nudge' & golden spurtle triumph
Tor 12 okt 2017 kl 16:30
Swedish prosecutors explain their decision why they have closed their investigation into the disgraced stem cell scientist Paolo Macchiarini.

Shopkeepers in a Stockholm suburb tell us why they shut-up shop in protest Thursday lunchtime.

Following Richard Thaler's Nobel Economics triumph, we speak to a Swede who is pushing for 'Nudge' policies here.

We find out how Swedish film classics are helping immigrants learn the language and culture.

There's a glimmer of hope for mew arrivals wishing to rent a flat. 

And we meet the woman who has flown back from Scotland clutching the 'Golden Spurtle' - find out why.

Produced and presented by Dave Russell.

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