Praise and criticism for #metoo, modular houses for immigrants, and how to fight the winter blues

24 min

Where will the thousands who arrived in Sweden in 2015 live in the future? Modular houses are a temporary fix, but municipalities are struggling to find long-term solutions.

We also hear how policy decisions are being made off the back of the social media campaign #metoo, but one critic says the campaign is damaging male-female relations.

This week, the Swedish foreign ministry announced that the publisher Gui Minhai has been released from a Chinese prison, but his daughter, Angela Gui, tells Radio Sweden that he is missing as no one has heard from him.

Ahead of the weekend, when clocks go back an hour for the end of daylight savings time, we find out how Swedes deal with the short, dark days that lie ahead.

Producer and presenter: Nathalie Rothschild

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