Disaster poll for Greens, a Nobel scandal, and a new network for ex-Muslims

25 min

Ahead of the weekend's Nobel festivities, a scandal rocks the Swedish Academy. Radio Sweden has met an Egyptian refugee who set up a network for ex-Muslims. We find out why the police are carrying out a mass DNA swabbing in western Sweden, and why the Greens are dropping in the polls.

In this week's edition of Radio Sweden Weekly, our reporter Loukas Christodoulou analyses the latest major opinion poll from Statistics Sweden.

Barrister Anna Dahlbom Langley explains why she believes the Ulricehamn police's decision to call in 200 men for questioning and DNA swabs is problematic from a civil liberties point of view.

Gunnar Bolin of Swedish Radio's culture department has covered the Nobel Prize for 30 yeas. He helps us make sense of the latest scandal that has rocked the Swedish Academy in the wake of the #metoo campaign and leaks allegations.

We also meet Omar Makram, a 32-year-old refugee from Egypt who has set up Ex-Muslims of Sweden, a network for people who have abandoned Islam.

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