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Radio Sweden's Kris Boswell is an expert on all things Eurovision. With the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest here, Kris will be blogging about the contest and Melodifestivalen, the competition for the Swedish entry. This will be his 14th Melodifestival and 11th Eurovision!

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    Danish singer Emmelie de Forest won the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden, with her song "Only Teardrops" Saturday evening. Swedish artist Robin Stjernberg came 14th.

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    The day of the Eurovisioon final is finally upon us. Not without a slight touch of sadness, the adventure is almost over for another year.

  • The city of Malmö is ready to show millions of people what it has to offer when the Eurovision Song Contest is broadcast from the city on Saturday. As always, the show promises to be as weird and wonderful as ever, from Ukranian giants, Finns in bridal gowns and a Romanian male singer called Cezar who has quite a falsetto.  

    Sweden, who are hosting the competition after Loreen won in Baku last year, are pinning their hopes on Robin Stjernberg and his song "You" but it's Denmark and the Netherlands who are the favourites with bookmakers.

    Swedish comedian Petra Mede is hosting the show solo.

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    This part of the Eurovision week just flies by. We are already at the second semi final. Tonight the final ten songs will be selected for the final on Saturday, and overnight SVT and Christer Björkman will decide the running order.

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    Right, it's taken me half the day to send my interview with Robin Stjernberg back to Stockholm, and the first dress rehearsal of the second semi starts in an hour's time, so I don't have much time to ponder about yesterday's results.

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    Last night saw ten countries proceed from the first semifinal to the Eurovision Song Contest final, which will take place on Saturday in Malmö, Sweden. Ukraine's giant, the Moldovan's growing dress and favourite Denmark all made it. But much of the focus here in Sweden is, of course, mostly on the Swedish entrant, Robin Stjernberg.

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    After months of planning and excitement the first semi final is soon upon us. And it is an entertaining and nerve-wracking show SVT have got lined up for us from Malmö Arena.

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    Love it or hate it, the Eurovision Song Contest is a huge annual event here in Sweden. And this year it is bigger than ever as this country plays host to the contest after Loreen's victory last year. The city of Malmö is filled with Eurovision-fever as they gear up for the three Eurovision broadcasts on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and yesterday, they held an official opening ceremony in the city. Our Eurovision reporter Kris Boswell filed this report from the red carpet.

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    A slightly quieter day in the Eurovision Bubble today, as the "Big 5" and Sweden get to stand on the stage for the first time. After that there is a red carpet event in the Malmö Opera House for the participating artists, and then an opening party at the Euroclub... even though most artists have been here for a week already.

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    Rehearsals continue in Malmö, and the press centre is slowly filling up as more and more journalists from all around Europe arrive.

    Things are working fairly well here, although a less-than-reliable wi-fi connection in the press centre is causing some raised eyebrows. At the moment it isn't a huge problem. But if it continues to cause trouble when the journalists here are on a deadline after the semi-finals or the final, then tempers could flare.

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    Getting to the end now of the first day of the second rehearsals, and the first time the media was allowed into the arena.

    First impressions: The stage is fantastic. For nerds like me, it reminds me a lot of a modernised version of the stage from 1997. Beautiful.

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    After three days here, the journalists and media have finally been admitted to the official Press Centre, and in just 30 minutes we will also get to go into the arena for the first time.

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    After a bit of excitement I managed to get to Malmö, almost on time, managed a few hours in the contest's Euroclub nightclub, and am now sitting in the same club, which at the moment has been converted into a temporary press centre.

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    Rehearsals in Malmö have begun, and the city is filling with Eurovision fans and journalists from across Europe. First impressions from the short thirty second clips on the official Eurovision YouTube channel are good. The stage is fantastic, and the acts seem to have interesting stage shows planned.

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    The Eurovision Song Contest may still be two weeks away, but the international delegations are due to start arriving in Malmö this weekend. One of the highest priorities for the organisers is security, police say they are not expecting any trouble, but add that one anti-Israel demonstration is planned in the city during the Eurovision period.

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