The Horse Meat Scandal

Horsemeat instead of beef has been found in European food products, starting with the Swedish-founded Findus food giant, and spreading to IKEA's meatballs.

  • The grocery chain City Gross has been accused of falsely claiming that all their meat is being cut up in the shops, but the chain has said it intends to continue its advertising campaign.

    The Swedish Consumer Agency has said it will investigate the case.

  • The National Food  Agency has called on the meat company Tallhöjdens kött och chark to recall all of its frozen fillet of beef, labeled as produced in Sweden, for the past year

    Last week a complaint was filed against the wholesaler, when a delivery of its fillet of beef to the ICA chain was found to be horse meat.

    The company, located in Öxabäck in Marks municipality, has not been able to produce documentation that its products are as labeled. The food agency has threatened to impose fines.

  • Twenty-eight wholesale companies in ten Swedish municipalities have purchased meat from the batch of 50,000 tonnes of beef that Dutch authorities recalled Wednesday. The meat was found to be adulterated with horse meat even though it was labelled as beef.

    The Swedish National Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket) is today contacting local inspection authorities around the country to inform the 25 Swedish companies that bought beef from two Dutch merchants to make sure that the meat has been withdrawn from sale and is available for testing.

  • meat's origin is unknown

    Dutch food authorities decided Wednesday, to recall some 50,000 tons of beef, because it may contain traces of horsemeat, and according to the Swedish National Food Agency, 25 Swedish companies have purchased the meat, according to news agency TT.

  • A shop in Uppsala has become the focal point for the latest international food scandal, this time involving bouillon or broth cubes. Cubes have been found bearing false labelling from Maggi, which is owned by the food giant Nestlé.

  • Laboratory tests on meat products following the horsemeat scandal have not revealed any evidence of intentional cheating by food companies, according to the National Food Administration.

    The state body also found no traces of horse medicine in the foods tested.

  • food scandal

    Slices of cold meat marked as beef, were actually horse-meat, according to supplier Martin & Servera. One ton of the meat has now been recalled from restaurants and customers across Sweden.

  • Agricultural Minister Eskil Erlandsson wants to label processed meat by its origin. In an interview with Swedish Radio, Erlandsson says he wants the EU to propose common regulations for how to do so in the wake of many food companies detecting horsemeat in products such as beef lasagne.

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