• Did not intend to make a statement.

    When Swedish MEP Jytte Guteland made a speech on the famine in Yemen in the European Parliament on Wednesday, she did it with her eight-month-old son Uno hanging off her in a sling. Radio Sweden asked her why pictures of her with her baby seemed to have surprised people.

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    Details to be discussed.

    Sweden and the EU are unanimously backing France's request for help with military action following the terrorist attacks in Paris after France invoked for the first time on Tuesday the union's so-called mutual assistance clause.

  • Extra focus on far-right demonstrations.

    The 2014 elections saw the most threats and violence reported, say Swedish police in their summary of this year’s EU and general election.

  • Go-ahead as Trade Commissioner.

    Sweden's nominee for EU Commissioner has survived an upset, passing a vote in the EU Parliament's trade committee.

  • "Unique statements".

    The ruling centre-right Alliance promised billions worth of reforms for next year - many of them within education - in their joint election manifesto on Monday.

  • Decision soon.

    Government leaders from across the European Union are gathering today and tomorrow to finally decide who will become the new president of the European Commission, one of the most important posts in the EU.

  • UKIP were sceptical at first.

    The Sweden Democrats' two new members of the European Parliament had to sign a letter distancing themselves from their party's past, in order to join their new grouping in the parliament, British newspaper The Guardian reports.

  • Claims have been refuted.

    The newly elected Sweden Democrat MEP, Kristina Winberg, never worked for the Swedish development aid organisation Sida, the tabloid Aftonbladet reports.

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    Mini-summit in Harpsund.

    Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt met with center-right European leaders south of Stockholm and agreed on the importance of reforms to reduce regulatory red tape and create better conditions for growth and employment.

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