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    Meet the candidates.

    If you ever wondered who inspired Sweden's top EU Parliament candidates, look no further.

  • Facing poor polling figures.

    The Pirate Party top candidate tells Radio Sweden if he is elected again he thinks he can make file-sharing legal in the EU. But if he is not elected he will not work for anyone else in Brussels.

  • Meet the candidates.

    The Left Party's top candidate in the upcoming European elections is Malin Björk, who says the party's top priority is putting an end to "right wing austerity", and adds that the TTIP trade deal with the US could lead to environmental damage.

  • Meet the candidates.

    The elections to the European parliament are now exactly one month away, with voters in Sweden going to the polls on May 25th.

  • Meet the candidates.

    In the EU, the Social Democrats are focusing on job creation, sustainability and social justice, with top candidate Marita Ulvskog warning that the far-right is tapping into dissatisfaction among the growing number of unemployed.

  • Christian Democrat candidate.

    The top candidate for the Christian Democrats in the EU election, Lars Adaktusson, wants to focus on human rights if he gets elected to the European Parliament next month.

  • Meet the candidates.

    Where does the Green Party stand in the upcoming EU parliament elections? In a Radio Sweden interview, second candidate on the list for the Greens, Peter Eriksson, outlines the party's top priorities.

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