Swedish myths

During the summer of 2014 we explored many of the cliches, stereotypes, and myths about Sweden.

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    "The sociology of power".

    Many people living outside of Sweden think Swedish society is quite egalitarian, especially compared to the rest of the world. Professor Mikael Holmqvist recently published a 700-page scientific study about the affluent Stockholm suburb, Djursholm, which in many ways disproves this image of Sweden. 

  • Warmer than Canada.

    Sweden is hardly known for its inviting climate or mild summers, being part of the Arctic region the country is far more known for its long, dark and numbingly cold winters. But how cold and dark is Sweden really?

  • Swedish myths and stereotypes.

    In our ongoing series on myths about Sweden, we're having a look at the Swedish school system, to find out if it ever had the best education system in the world. Will it be pass or fail for this myth? 

  • Depressed and in the dark?

    After former American president Dwight Eisenhower claimed Sweden had the highest suicide rate in the world, the image of depressed and suicidal Swedes was more or less cemented. But was there ever any truth to this?

  • Swedish myths.

    Sweden has a reputation of being one of the world's least corrupt and most democratic countries in the world. But will this stereotype hold up to scrutiny in another of our looks at those Swedish myths, and truths?

  • Summer series: investigating Swedish myths

    Scandinavians do have a certain reputation of being unusually relaxed when it comes to nudity, both in public and private settings. But does this notion have any actual bearing in Sweden today? Do Swedes really go topless at the beach and are there really more nudist beaches here than in any other country?

  • Summer series: investigating Swedish myths

    Are Swedes really are as healthy as they themselves, and many visitors, believe?

  • Summer series investigating Swedish myths.

    Not only was Sweden one of the first countries in the world to introduce a tax on carbon dioxide emissions - it was also one of the three countries to meet the EU's climate goals on renewable energy for 2020 - eight whole years before deadline.

  • Mythbusting summer series.

    One thing that never ceases to amaze people who come to work in Sweden, or has basic knowledge about the Swedish economy, is that we pay so much tax.

  • We investigate myths about Sweden.

    Is it really true that Swedes dress particularly well and are quick to pick up new trends? 

  • Swedish myths and stereotypes.

    Despite the large number of churches spread throughout the country, Sweden is known as one of the the most secular and atheist countries in the world. How much truth is there to this notion?

  • Swedish myths and stereotypes.

    The notion of Sweden as a collectivist and even more so, socialist, state is quite a common thing to hear in international discussions of Swedish politics.

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