• The border between Norway and Sweden. Photo: SVT Bild.
    Defining moments # 15
    Took years to repair.

    When the Soviet Union attacked Finland, many Swedes rushed to help. But Sweden's response to Germany's invasion of Norway in 1940 was less neighbourly, says historian Henrik Berggren. 

  • Defining moments # 14
    In 1959.

    When Ingemar Johansson defeated Floyd Patterson in 1959, he became the first person born outside of the US to win the heavyweight title in boxing in 25 years.

  • Defining moments # 13
    During WWII.

    As the war drew nearer Sweden, the Armed Forces introduced test blackouts to prepare the general public for a potential air raid in the dark of night. 

  • Defining moments # 9
    Popular with the Nazi elite.

    Singer Zarah Leander stirred up quite a lot of controversy in the 1940's when she left her career in Sweden to work for a studio in Germany backed by the Nazi elite.

  • Defining moments # 8
    Recycled song.

    In 1974, Björn Skifs and his band Blue Swede became the first Swedish act to top the prestigious Billboard charts with the song 'Hooked on a feeling'.

  • Defining moments # 7
    Legalized since 1974.

    Today, Sweden has one of the most liberal abortion acts in the world, but it took us almost half a century to get here.

  • Defining moments # 5
    1980 Wimbledon final.

    The legendary rivalry between Borg and McEnroe made the 1980 Wimbledon final one of the most thrilling games of tennis of all time, says sports journalist Mats Strandberg.

  • Defining moments # 3
    Stig Bergling.

    He worked most of his career as an officer with the Secret Service, but many Swedes remember him today as the man who sold military secrets to the Soviet Union in the 1970's.

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