• The border between Norway and Sweden. Photo: SVT Bild.
    Defining moments # 15
    Took years to repair.

    When the Soviet Union attacked Finland, many Swedes rushed to help. But Sweden's response to Germany's invasion of Norway in 1940 was less neighbourly, says historian Henrik Berggren. 

  • Defining moments # 7
    Legalized since 1974.

    Today, Sweden has one of the most liberal abortion acts in the world, but it took us almost half a century to get here.

  • Defining moments # 1
    Ran aground close to a Swedish naval base.

    On October 27th of 1981, a foreign submarine ran aground outside the small coastal city of Karlskrona in southern Sweden. The incident started an 11-day long diplomatic tug of war between Sweden and the Soviet Union.

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