Sweden's pension statements will no longer contain state pension forecasts for retirement.
Sweden's pension statements will no longer contain state pension forecasts for retirement. Credit: MAJA SUSLIN / TT

Pension complacency? "It'll be okay - we're in Sweden"

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The Pensions Agency has revamped the orange envelope to lure people online where they can get the full picture about their pensions.

From next week, 5.7 million Swedes will receive their annual orange coloured envelopes from the pensions agency in their letterboxes. But this year, the contents have changed.

The Swedish Pensions Agency said on Wednesday that the biggest change to the annual state pension statements is that the forecast of an individuals' state pension upon retirement will no longer be included.

Sten Eriksson, head of communications at the Swedish Pensions Agency (Pensionsmyndigheten) tells Radio Sweden that people have misunderstood how much money they will receive in retirement and that is why they have made a change.

"It has become apparent that people need a full picture of their total pension, which includes pension contributions from their employer. I know that 20 to 30 percent of those who open the envelopes believe that the state pension, since we provide the forecast, is all they will get, and that is not true."

An individual can now receive a complete forcecast of how much they can receive from the state, employers and private pension contributions, by going online at Pensionsmyndigheten.

Radio Sweden also speaks to Anette Nyqvist, a professor of social anthropology at Stockholm University, who has studied the pension system and people's relationship to it.

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