computer game that looks like a slot machine
Foreign companies operating without a license have more than half of the online gambling market in Sweden, according to the government. Credit: Marcus Ericsson/TT

"Biggest reform ever" proposed for the gambling industry

1:50 min

Changes likely lay ahead for the gambling market, as there is cross-bloc support for a government proposal Thursday to rewrite the rules for the industry.

In theory, the state has a monopoly on gambling, but not in practice with, for example, Swedes having access online to foreign gambling companies.

Ardalan Shekarabi, the minister for public administration (Social Democrat), said today at a news conference that the monopoly had long since ceased to exist, and that today's proposal was about regaining control.

In order to do that, the government wants to break up the market and expose part of it to competition - and companies would have to have a license in order to operate.

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